Marilyn Monroe Stuttering

In response to “The Importance of Voice” (May 29), I want to highlight the remarkable journeys of Marilyn Monroe and James Earl Jones, two iconic figures who overcame stuttering to achieve greatness.

While James Earl Jones is widely known for his powerful voice, few realize the challenges he faced with stuttering. His struggle with speech impediment began in childhood, but through perseverance and hard work, he conquered it to become one of the most recognizable voices in film history.

Similarly, Marilyn Monroe’s journey from childhood stuttering to her iconic breathy voice is a testament to her determination and the impact of speech therapy. Her struggles with stuttering, especially during her final days, highlight the challenges she faced. Monroe’s story serves as an inspiration for young people who stutter, showing that with effort, they can overcome their speech challenges and find success in any field.

It’s important to recognize these stories and the individuals behind them, as they remind us that our voices are powerful tools that can shape our lives and inspire others. Let us celebrate their achievements and use their stories to empower those who may be struggling with their own voices.

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