Stuttering activity Game

This game called “The Game of Goose” allows people to approach stuttering in a normal way. It is a very practical game for young people and children, as well as for adults, of course. We should never lose the ability to be surprised and be children again.

The kit comes equipped with a game board and 12 printable cards. The objective of the game in stuttering is to manage anxiety through breathing, speaking more slowly, giving rhythm to words, relaxing the body, and other activities to approach stuttering in a different way: Enjoying it.

This kit is created by Hoptoys for public download. We would love for you to follow us on our social media as it encourages us to provide more support on the journey of stuttering.

Let’s remember that the best remedy to treat stuttering is to accept it and have a good relationship with it. As you develop a positive relationship with stuttering, you will see progress in your speech and your thoughts.

Getting rid of the burden of rejection and other people’s expectations is important for life to become more joyful constantly. That’s why, more than focusing on specific activities that can help, it’s important to see stuttering as something not to worry about.

We wish you the best of luck and have fun!

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