How I Went from Stuttering to Giving Lectures

All my life, I had a stutter. I suffered bullying, didn’t believe in myself, didn’t dare to speak with people, would freeze up and hit myself every time I spoke, and felt very frustrated. I tried to write everything I did to avoid speaking, would disconnect the phone to avoid calls, would pretend to be sick, and many other things. After overcoming all of this, I started giving lectures at universities, companies, cities, and more. Today, I am one of the people who has helped others the most with stuttering.

My life since 2017...


Thanks to overcoming my stutter, I was able to increase my self-esteem.

In 2017, I got lost from my house and thought about leaving this world… I had a deep sadness because of my stutter.

At the beginning of 2018, I thought that my life had no meaning anymore, I thought that stuttering would not lead me anywhere in life.

I used all the strategies to avoid everything related to speaking.

At the end of 2018, I changed my mindset and started taking action, becoming a great speaker, but more than that, I became my best version.



When I started to step out of my comfort zone, my life changed. I realized that if I kept doing the same things, I would get the same results.

I decided to start listening to my mentors who had the results I wanted, to talk to them, to do what they did, and my life began to change.

I remember that I never considered another approach like not overcoming it, maybe my belief wasn’t so strong, but I wanted to overcome it because they did.

After my breakthrough, I have fulfilled many dreams, I live from what I am passionate about, I have given many lectures, radio interviews, talks, classes, I have done many businesses, set up several brands, and I have done what I always wanted to do.

What makes me HAPPY today is helping others achieve the same thing I did with my stuttering, and that is why I became the person who has helped the most people in the Spanish-speaking world with stuttering and who has created the most content.

My Story


What you receive in my Consultancy:

🌟 Virtual Consultancy where you tell me your Case.

✅ I analyze your case (Stage where you are)

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✅ Chat follow-up (One month)

✅ I focus you on where you have to aim (Hand in hand with my experience helping thousands of people)


✅ Coaching Follow-up

What you receive in my Coaching Follow-up:

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✅ Complete Weekly Virtual Personalization.

✅ Weekly check of your Process (2 Months Complete)

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✅ Steps in the Correction of Stuttering (Weekly Mentoring)

✅ Steps in overcoming Stuttering

✅ Constant Chat follow-up

✅ Personalized Planning.



The Best follow-up to Overcome Stuttering, guided by someone who Overcame Stuttering and has helped thousands to overcome it, being one of the largest creators of content on the subject of Stuttering and one of the most experienced people in this field.

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